The Pink-a-licious Smoothie!

I got home around 4 this afternoon after a long day of work. I was starving and knew that I had about 7 hours before I’d be able to sit down in my loving bed and relax. I needed something nourishing to get me through the rest of my evening.


In the past, I would have grabbed a bag of tortilla chips and munched away, while trying to get the kiddo’s nightly homework completed without a fight. I am on a health kick now and have been doing my best to make the healthiest decisions for my family and me. Just ask the 6 year old, she hates salad night.


Tonight, rather than grab that bag of tortilla chips, I lugged out our food processor (which was actually just as easy as grabbing a bag of tortilla chips) and whipped up a smoothie. It was a huge hit!


This 5 ingredient pink-a-licious smoothie put my hunger at bay and only took about 10 minutes to make. Pre-cut frozen fruit was an easy alternative to slicing up fresh fruit and kept the smoothie cold long enough to drink it down to the last sip.


First, I added about two handfuls of frozen raspberries and approximately half of a peach. After, placed a dollop of Chobani Greek Yogurt Blended Coconut into the mix. I used the yogurt to provide enough substance to my smoothie to ease my hunger and hold me over until dinner.


I pulsed this in my food processor until there were no big chunks of frozen fruit. At this point, your mixture’s consistency should be too thick to drink and more like ice cream. In order to thin it out, I added about ¼ of a cup of Blue Diamond Almond Milk. I’ve attempted to transition our family over to Almond Milk completely, however it’s not going so well.   We’ve decided it tastes good enough in cereal, but as a stand-alone drink, it just doesn’t hold up.


The final ingredient to this smoothie is optional and I actually preferred it without, however if the raspberries and peaches are too sour (which they were for Emma), a drizzle of local organic honey solves that issue. Puree all of the ingredients until they are smooth and pour it into a tall glass to enjoy!

If you try out this smoothie, let me know if it was as big a hit as it was in my home!


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