Our Chicken Coop and Run

About a year ago, my boyfriend, Colton and I made the huge leap to build our very own chicken coop and adopt a few pullets. Upon making this decision, I knew that Colton would be building the coop… with very little assistance from me! He’s the definition of my handy man. I continue to throw out these crazy ideas and he brings them to life. Now on to the coop!


The first step was designing our layout. I turned to Pinterest for ideas, but ended up using an online program called SketchUp to draw and design our coop and run.  Now, it’s been almost a full year since we were in the building process of our coop and run, therefore I no longer have the exact measurements. However, we made it rather simple on ourselves by going with a 12ft x 8ft base and then raised the coop itself 2 feet off of the ground. The hardest part was determining the angle we needed to cut the wood into at the peak, but that’s where SketchUp came in handy. It provided us with the exact angle we would need the wood cut at, which was great!


Once it was all drawn up and the measurements were calculated, we began purchasing materials. Our local Home Depot was where we purchased the majority of our supplies, but the roof we decided upon was found at our local Lowes. After buying all the materials, we started framing out the run. This was one of the most exciting parts about building our own coop and run. It was beginning to look like something!




After the framing was complete, we began cutting the plywood to create our coop. The plywood was cut at the same angles that our 2 x 4 frames were, so that it fit perfectly into the back 6 feet of our run. The coop is elevated 2 feet off of the ground to ensure the safety of our chickens at night.




One of the last things we had to add before our chickens could be introduced to their new home was the chicken wire. We decided upon a thicker chicken wire for around the bottom 2 feet of the run to prevent predators. We pulled the chicken wire taught and stapled it into place. All throughout the process, we were painting. We decided upon paint, rather than a stain, as we felt it would better protect the wood from weathering and outdoor elements. The colors chosen were white and navy, which complemented the gray roof we had picked out.




Since completion, we have added a few small details, such as our weather vane and gravity feeder. Our girls have been very happy in their home and we hope to add a few more this summer!




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