Five Fun Facts

In just a few weeks, we will have lived in our new, old home for two years. Two very long, yet very short years. And two years ago, was when I started this blog.

Say what?

Yes. Two years ago, I sat down on our back deck, opened up my laptop and signed up for WordPress. Then I probably sat the laptop down on the bottom shelf of my nightstand and rushed off to make dinner, clean the never-ending mess a 6 year old creates, or help with her homework.

And today, I’m picking up where I left off.

Yes, two years is a long time to forget about a blog, but life takes the reins every now and again and things get lost in the hustle of everyday life.

However, now that life has slowed down a bit I’ve learned adulting is hard and life isn’t going to slow down, I decided to try this weird thing called blogging again.

Now, to start things off lightly, I’m going to tell you five facts about myself that you may, or may not already know. This is just a fun, get-to-know your new favorite blogger a bit better, post.

  1. I am a medical assistant by day and a glitter loving, super-step-mom, best girlfriend in the world, crafter by night. Follow me on instagram @notyourmamascraftsLifeofLauren_BlogPost1_Family
  2. Doing the dishes is by far my least favorite chore of all time.
  3. I am a crazy chicken chick. We currently have 5 chickens, but want a flock of about 12.


  1. I must own anything coconut flavored or scented. Seriously though.
  2. I am a wannabe beauty guru and have a nail polish collection that is slightly concerning… My boyfriend worries I may end up on My Strange Addiction.

Now that you know a little bit about me and my world, share in the comments down below a few fun-facts about you!


4 Replies to “Five Fun Facts”

  1. Fun! I hate doing the dishes, too, ugh! And aww, chickens!! 😍
    I’m a mom of four, I love making new things (including recipes), adore Johnny depp and George Clooney (lol) and have an addiction to Fanta orange. 😉
    It’s nice to meet you!

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